The Issues That Matter

Protecting Public Education

A strong public school system is essential to the foundation of a community and a nation. Public education is so important that Article 11 of the Arizona State Constitution was written to instruct the legislature on creating laws to establish and maintain, “a general and uniform public school system”. The Constitution specifically states that these services are to be available from kindergarten through university, including services for the hearing and visually impaired. Currently, the legislature is not fulfilling this requirement. I will work to bring Arizona back in agreement with its founding document.

Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal responsibility was a guiding light during my career in public administration and will continue to lead my decisions in the State Legislature. I was responsible for the administration of millions of dollars in public funds during my tenure with Maricopa County. It quickly became clear that the benefit of each expenditure had to be considered against the cost as needs were great while resources were slim. My team and I incorporated sound judgement while working to use each public dollar responsibly, earning the trust of the community.

Religious Freedom

I support the American value of freedom of and from religion. Government must not compel its constituents to practice, or not practice, a religion. The separation of church and state is a much argued idea, but what is important to remember, and for our leaders to uphold, is that the founding fathers desired government to be neutral in terms of religious choice.

Community and Truth

Someone who earns a living by spreading divisiveness and disinformation does not deserve to hold a seat in the Arizona House. At the urging of fellow LD12 voters, on September 19, I took action by filing as a write-in candidate for LD12. The voters of LD12 need a candidate who values community and truth. I want to represent ALL of LD12 and serve my community with pride.