Write in “Kristin Clark” for State Representative District 12

My name is Kristin Clark. I am a mom and volunteer who is active in local and state politics. With more than 12 years of government experience, I am your choice for State Representative District 12.

Kristin Clark 4 LD12

We have the power to reject divisiveness and elect someone who will work to bring us together and represent ALL of LD12.

I am running because you DESERVE a choice in who represents YOU. The two Republican candidates do not represent our whole community. Frighteningly, one of them runs both a company and a PAC that has spread disinformation about COVID-19, our elections, and sadly, our neighbors.

To make your vote go further, I ask that you vote ONLY for me in the LD12 House race. Though you may cast two votes, the two candidates with the highest vote totals will win the seats. Please write in and vote only for “Kristin Clark” to elect a representative who shares your values.

How To Write In A Candidate On Your Ballot

Let’s Work Together on the Issues That Matter

Protecting Public Education

Fiscal Responsibility

Religious Freedom

Community and Truth

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Our work doesn’t end on election day! Help us return ethics to LD12.

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